aldehyde dehydrogenase 18 family member A1

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Status in senescence: Up-regulated

Pubmed ID Cell line Tissue Source High-throughput
30626320 HBEC Human NO

GO terms:

Biological Process:
glutamate metabolic process [GO:0006536],
proline biosynthetic process [GO:0006561],
ornithine biosynthetic process [GO:0006592],
cellular amino acid biosynthetic process [GO:0008652],
phosphorylation [GO:0016310],
citrulline biosynthetic process [GO:0019240],
oxidation-reduction process [GO:0055114],
L-proline biosynthetic process [GO:0055129],
metabolic process [GO:0008152],
response to temperature stimulus [GO:0009266],

Molecular Function:
RNA binding [GO:0003723],
glutamate 5-kinase activity [GO:0004349],
glutamate-5-semialdehyde dehydrogenase activity [GO:0004350],
protein binding [GO:0005515],
ATP binding [GO:0005524],
identical protein binding [GO:0042802],
nucleotide binding [GO:0000166],
catalytic activity [GO:0003824],
kinase activity [GO:0016301],
oxidoreductase activity [GO:0016491],
oxidoreductase activity, acting on the aldehyde or oxo group of donors, NAD or NADP as acceptor [GO:0016620],
transferase activity [GO:0016740],

Cellular Component:
mitochondrion [GO:0005739],
mitochondrial inner membrane [GO:0005743],
cytoplasm [GO:0005737],
membrane [GO:0016020],
mitochondrial membrane [GO:0031966],