corticotropin releasing hormone

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Status in senescence: Down-regulated

Pubmed ID Cell line Tissue Source High-throughput
31945054 IMR-90 Human YES

GO terms:

Biological Process:
positive regulation of protein phosphorylation [GO:0001934],
synaptic transmission, dopaminergic [GO:0001963],
negative regulation of systemic arterial blood pressure [GO:0003085],
glucocorticoid biosynthetic process [GO:0006704],
inflammatory response [GO:0006954],
signal transduction [GO:0007165],
G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathway [GO:0007186],
chemical synaptic transmission [GO:0007268],
female pregnancy [GO:0007565],
parturition [GO:0007567],
learning or memory [GO:0007611],
positive regulation of cell proliferation [GO:0008284],
associative learning [GO:0008306],
hormone-mediated apoptotic signaling pathway [GO:0008628],
positive regulation of gene expression [GO:0010628],
negative regulation of gene expression [GO:0010629],
negative regulation of norepinephrine secretion [GO:0010700],
positive regulation of circadian sleep/wake cycle, wakefulness [GO:0010841],
positive regulation of cell death [GO:0010942],
regulation of serotonin secretion [GO:0014062],
diterpenoid metabolic process [GO:0016101],
hypothalamus development [GO:0021854],
lung development [GO:0030324],
adrenal gland development [GO:0030325],
negative regulation of epinephrine secretion [GO:0032811],
negative regulation of luteinizing hormone secretion [GO:0033685],
locomotory exploration behavior [GO:0035641],
positive regulation of insulin secretion involved in cellular response to glucose stimulus [GO:0035774],
response to immobilization stress [GO:0035902],
negative regulation of circadian sleep/wake cycle, REM sleep [GO:0042322],
response to estrogen [GO:0043627],
positive regulation of cAMP-mediated signaling [GO:0043950],
response to ethanol [GO:0045471],
response to ether [GO:0045472],
response to pain [GO:0048265],
ion homeostasis [GO:0050801],
response to corticosterone [GO:0051412],
positive regulation of corticotropin secretion [GO:0051461],
positive regulation of cortisol secretion [GO:0051464],
long-term synaptic potentiation [GO:0060291],
positive regulation of digestive system process [GO:0060456],
negative regulation of cell death [GO:0060548],
negative regulation of glucagon secretion [GO:0070093],
cellular response to cocaine [GO:0071314],
cellular response to dexamethasone stimulus [GO:0071549],
positive regulation of calcium ion import [GO:0090280],
regulation of N-methyl-D-aspartate selective glutamate receptor activity [GO:2000310],
positive regulation of corticosterone secretion [GO:2000854],
positive regulation of behavioral fear response [GO:2000987],

Molecular Function:
receptor binding [GO:0005102],
hormone activity [GO:0005179],
neuropeptide hormone activity [GO:0005184],
protein binding [GO:0005515],
corticotropin-releasing hormone activity [GO:0017045],
corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor 1 binding [GO:0051430],
corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor 2 binding [GO:0051431],

Cellular Component:
extracellular region [GO:0005576],
extracellular space [GO:0005615],
cytoplasm [GO:0005737],
varicosity [GO:0043196],
perikaryon [GO:0043204],
synapse [GO:0045202],
neuronal cell body [GO:0043025],