calpain 1

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Status in senescence: Up-regulated

Pubmed ID Cell line Tissue Source High-throughput
31945125 Primary astrocytes derived from brain Human YES

Status in senescence: Down-regulated

Pubmed ID Cell line Tissue Source High-throughput
31983656 MSC Human YES

GO terms:

Biological Process:
proteolysis [GO:0006508],
positive regulation of cell proliferation [GO:0008284],
regulation of macroautophagy [GO:0016241],
extracellular matrix disassembly [GO:0022617],
receptor catabolic process [GO:0032801],
neutrophil degranulation [GO:0043312],
regulation of catalytic activity [GO:0050790],
mammary gland involution [GO:0060056],
cornification [GO:0070268],
self proteolysis [GO:0097264],
regulation of N-methyl-D-aspartate selective glutamate receptor activity [GO:2000310],
positive regulation of cardiac muscle cell apoptotic process [GO:0010666],
protein autoprocessing [GO:0016540],
negative regulation of actin filament polymerization [GO:0030837],
positive regulation of vascular permeability [GO:0043117],
cellular response to hydrogen peroxide [GO:0070301],
negative regulation of NIK/NF-kappaB signaling [GO:1901223],
positive regulation of leukocyte tethering or rolling [GO:1903238],
response to angiotensin [GO:1990776],

Molecular Function:
calcium-dependent cysteine-type endopeptidase activity [GO:0004198],
calcium ion binding [GO:0005509],
protein binding [GO:0005515],
cytoskeletal protein binding [GO:0008092],
peptidase activity [GO:0008233],
cysteine-type peptidase activity [GO:0008234],
hydrolase activity [GO:0016787],
enzyme binding [GO:0019899],
metal ion binding [GO:0046872],

Cellular Component:
extracellular region [GO:0005576],
cytoplasm [GO:0005737],
mitochondrion [GO:0005739],
lysosome [GO:0005764],
cytosol [GO:0005829],
plasma membrane [GO:0005886],
focal adhesion [GO:0005925],
membrane [GO:0016020],
extracellular exosome [GO:0070062],
ficolin-1-rich granule lumen [GO:1904813],
intracellular [GO:0005622],