AXL receptor tyrosine kinase

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Status in senescence: Up-regulated

Pubmed ID Cell line Tissue Source High-throughput
33470505 brain Mouse No

Status in senescence: Down-regulated

Pubmed ID Cell line Tissue Source High-throughput
25766527 VSMCs Aorta Mouse NO
27206970 VSMCs, MOVAS Aorta Mouse NO
29321003 Primary bronchial epithelial cells derived from lung Human YES
31945125 Primary astrocytes derived from brain Human YES

GO terms:

Biological Process:
neuron migration [GO:0001764],
natural killer cell differentiation [GO:0001779],
positive regulation of cytokine-mediated signaling pathway [GO:0001961],
blood vessel remodeling [GO:0001974],
phagocytosis [GO:0006909],
inflammatory response [GO:0006954],
signal transduction [GO:0007165],
transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase signaling pathway [GO:0007169],
multicellular organism development [GO:0007275],
spermatogenesis [GO:0007283],
nervous system development [GO:0007399],
cell migration [GO:0016477],
peptidyl-tyrosine phosphorylation [GO:0018108],
forebrain cell migration [GO:0021885],
platelet activation [GO:0030168],
animal organ regeneration [GO:0031100],
cellular response to extracellular stimulus [GO:0031668],
negative regulation of interferon-gamma production [GO:0032689],
negative regulation of tumor necrosis factor production [GO:0032720],
positive regulation of natural killer cell differentiation [GO:0032825],
secretion by cell [GO:0032940],
positive regulation of kinase activity [GO:0033674],
erythrocyte homeostasis [GO:0034101],
substrate adhesion-dependent cell spreading [GO:0034446],
cellular response to interferon-alpha [GO:0035457],
ovulation cycle [GO:0042698],
negative regulation of apoptotic process [GO:0043066],
apoptotic cell clearance [GO:0043277],
protein kinase B signaling [GO:0043491],
negative regulation of neuron apoptotic process [GO:0043524],
innate immune response [GO:0045087],
viral entry into host cell [GO:0046718],
vascular endothelial growth factor receptor signaling pathway [GO:0048010],
cell maturation [GO:0048469],
positive regulation of pinocytosis [GO:0048549],
negative regulation of lymphocyte activation [GO:0051250],
positive regulation of protein kinase B signaling [GO:0051897],
vagina development [GO:0060068],
cellular response to hydrogen peroxide [GO:0070301],
cellular response to lipopolysaccharide [GO:0071222],
dendritic cell differentiation [GO:0097028],
neutrophil clearance [GO:0097350],
negative regulation of dendritic cell apoptotic process [GO:2000669],
negative regulation of cytokine production [GO:0001818],
immune system process [GO:0002376],
protein phosphorylation [GO:0006468],
enzyme linked receptor protein signaling pathway [GO:0007167],
phosphorylation [GO:0016310],
cell differentiation [GO:0030154],

Molecular Function:
virus receptor activity [GO:0001618],
phosphatidylserine binding [GO:0001786],
protein tyrosine kinase activity [GO:0004713],
transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase activity [GO:0004714],
protein binding [GO:0005515],
ATP binding [GO:0005524],
myosin heavy chain binding [GO:0032036],
phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase binding [GO:0043548],
nucleotide binding [GO:0000166],
protein kinase activity [GO:0004672],
kinase activity [GO:0016301],
transferase activity [GO:0016740],

Cellular Component:
extracellular space [GO:0005615],
plasma membrane [GO:0005886],
integral component of plasma membrane [GO:0005887],
cell surface [GO:0009986],
actin cytoskeleton [GO:0015629],
intracellular membrane-bounded organelle [GO:0043231],
receptor complex [GO:0043235],
host cell surface [GO:0044228],
extracellular exosome [GO:0070062],
membrane [GO:0016020],
integral component of membrane [GO:0016021],