ABL proto-oncogene 2, non-receptor tyrosine kinase

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Status in senescence: Up-regulated

Pubmed ID Cell line Tissue Source High-throughput
31945054 IMR-90 Human YES
31945125 Primary astrocytes derived from brain Human YES

GO terms:

Biological Process:
cellular protein modification process [GO:0006464],
cell adhesion [GO:0007155],
signal transduction [GO:0007165],
positive regulation of cytosolic calcium ion concentration [GO:0007204],
regulation of autophagy [GO:0010506],
positive regulation of phospholipase C activity [GO:0010863],
positive regulation of neuron projection development [GO:0010976],
peptidyl-tyrosine phosphorylation [GO:0018108],
regulation of endocytosis [GO:0030100],
regulation of cell adhesion [GO:0030155],
negative regulation of Rho protein signal transduction [GO:0035024],
exploration behavior [GO:0035640],
positive regulation of oxidoreductase activity [GO:0051353],
cellular response to retinoic acid [GO:0071300],
regulation of cell motility [GO:2000145],
regulation of actin cytoskeleton reorganization [GO:2000249],
neural tube closure [GO:0001843],
aggressive behavior [GO:0002118],
protein phosphorylation [GO:0006468],
phagocytosis [GO:0006909],
substrate-dependent cell migration, cell extension [GO:0006930],
actin filament organization [GO:0007015],
epidermal growth factor receptor signaling pathway [GO:0007173],
learning [GO:0007612],
adult walking behavior [GO:0007628],
visual learning [GO:0008542],
post-embryonic development [GO:0009791],
phosphorylation [GO:0016310],
neuron remodeling [GO:0016322],
cerebellum morphogenesis [GO:0021587],
negative regulation of cell-cell adhesion [GO:0022408],
reproductive process [GO:0022414],
actin cytoskeleton organization [GO:0030036],
neuron differentiation [GO:0030182],
auditory behavior [GO:0031223],
positive regulation of protein binding [GO:0032092],
cellular protein localization [GO:0034613],
multicellular organism growth [GO:0035264],
positive regulation of I-kappaB kinase/NF-kappaB signaling [GO:0043123],
alpha-beta T cell differentiation [GO:0046632],
platelet-derived growth factor receptor signaling pathway [GO:0048008],
dendrite morphogenesis [GO:0048813],
neuromuscular process controlling balance [GO:0050885],
actin filament bundle assembly [GO:0051017],
Bergmann glial cell differentiation [GO:0060020],
synapse maturation [GO:0060074],
neuroepithelial cell differentiation [GO:0060563],
positive regulation of ERK1 and ERK2 cascade [GO:0070374],
cardiovascular system development [GO:0072358],
dendritic spine maintenance [GO:0097062],
positive regulation of interleukin-2 secretion [GO:1900042],
positive regulation of interferon-gamma secretion [GO:1902715],
regulation of extracellular matrix organization [GO:1903053],
positive regulation of Wnt signaling pathway, planar cell polarity pathway [GO:2000096],
negative regulation of endothelial cell apoptotic process [GO:2000352],

Molecular Function:
magnesium ion binding [GO:0000287],
phosphotyrosine binding [GO:0001784],
actin monomer binding [GO:0003785],
protein kinase activity [GO:0004672],
protein tyrosine kinase activity [GO:0004713],
non-membrane spanning protein tyrosine kinase activity [GO:0004715],
protein binding [GO:0005515],
ATP binding [GO:0005524],
manganese ion binding [GO:0030145],
actin filament binding [GO:0051015],
nucleotide binding [GO:0000166],
kinase activity [GO:0016301],
transferase activity [GO:0016740],
metal ion binding [GO:0046872],

Cellular Component:
cytosol [GO:0005829],
actin cytoskeleton [GO:0015629],
phagocytic cup [GO:0001891],
cytoplasm [GO:0005737],
cytoskeleton [GO:0005856],
lamellipodium [GO:0030027],
cytoplasmic vesicle [GO:0031410],
dendritic spine [GO:0043197],
postsynapse [GO:0098794],
glutamatergic synapse [GO:0098978],