integrin subunit beta 1

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Status in senescence: Up-regulated

Pubmed ID Cell line Tissue Source High-throughput
31945054 IMR-90 Human YES
31945125 Primary astrocytes derived from brain Human YES
33403025 NCI-H520 Human No

Status in senescence: Down-regulated

Pubmed ID Cell line Tissue Source High-throughput
17541405 Pancreas Mouse NO

GO terms:

Biological Process:
G1/S transition of mitotic cell cycle [GO:0000082],
establishment of mitotic spindle orientation [GO:0000132],
in utero embryonic development [GO:0001701],
cell fate specification [GO:0001708],
cell migration involved in sprouting angiogenesis [GO:0002042],
phagocytosis [GO:0006909],
cellular defense response [GO:0006968],
cell adhesion [GO:0007155],
homophilic cell adhesion via plasma membrane adhesion molecules [GO:0007156],
leukocyte cell-cell adhesion [GO:0007159],
cell-matrix adhesion [GO:0007160],
calcium-independent cell-matrix adhesion [GO:0007161],
transforming growth factor beta receptor signaling pathway [GO:0007179],
integrin-mediated signaling pathway [GO:0007229],
positive regulation of cell proliferation [GO:0008284],
germ cell migration [GO:0008354],
visual learning [GO:0008542],
regulation of collagen catabolic process [GO:0010710],
positive regulation of fibroblast migration [GO:0010763],
cell migration [GO:0016477],
cytokine-mediated signaling pathway [GO:0019221],
formation of radial glial scaffolds [GO:0021943],
CD40 signaling pathway [GO:0023035],
cell projection organization [GO:0030030],
lamellipodium assembly [GO:0030032],
B cell differentiation [GO:0030183],
extracellular matrix organization [GO:0030198],
positive regulation of cell migration [GO:0030335],
cell-substrate adhesion [GO:0031589],
receptor internalization [GO:0031623],
cell adhesion mediated by integrin [GO:0033627],
cell-cell adhesion mediated by integrin [GO:0033631],
heterotypic cell-cell adhesion [GO:0034113],
negative regulation of Rho protein signal transduction [GO:0035024],
maintenance of blood-brain barrier [GO:0035633],
positive regulation of apoptotic process [GO:0043065],
stress fiber assembly [GO:0043149],
positive regulation of GTPase activity [GO:0043547],
sarcomere organization [GO:0045214],
negative regulation of cell differentiation [GO:0045596],
positive regulation of angiogenesis [GO:0045766],
viral entry into host cell [GO:0046718],
mesodermal cell differentiation [GO:0048333],
axon extension [GO:0048675],
dendrite morphogenesis [GO:0048813],
regulation of immune response [GO:0050776],
leukocyte migration [GO:0050900],
leukocyte tethering or rolling [GO:0050901],
regulation of cell cycle [GO:0051726],
positive regulation of protein kinase B signaling [GO:0051897],
positive regulation of glutamate uptake involved in transmission of nerve impulse [GO:0051951],
cardiac muscle cell differentiation [GO:0055007],
cellular response to low-density lipoprotein particle stimulus [GO:0071404],
basement membrane organization [GO:0071711],
positive regulation of wound healing [GO:0090303],
regulation of inward rectifier potassium channel activity [GO:1901979],
positive regulation of protein localization to plasma membrane [GO:1903078],
positive regulation of receptor activity [GO:2000273],
negative regulation of anoikis [GO:2000811],
tissue homeostasis [GO:0001894],
regulation of G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway [GO:0008277],
negative regulation of cell proliferation [GO:0008285],
positive regulation of cell-substrate adhesion [GO:0010811],
positive regulation of neuron projection development [GO:0010976],
neuron projection development [GO:0031175],
negative regulation of cell projection organization [GO:0031345],
protein transport within lipid bilayer [GO:0032594],
negative regulation of apoptotic process [GO:0043066],
negative regulation of neuron differentiation [GO:0045665],
positive regulation of neuron differentiation [GO:0045666],
positive regulation of endocytosis [GO:0045807],
cardiac muscle tissue development [GO:0048738],
positive regulation of peptidyl-tyrosine phosphorylation [GO:0050731],
modulation of synaptic transmission [GO:0050804],
bicellular tight junction assembly [GO:0070830],

Molecular Function:
virus receptor activity [GO:0001618],
fibronectin binding [GO:0001968],
protease binding [GO:0002020],
actin binding [GO:0003779],
integrin binding [GO:0005178],
protein binding [GO:0005515],
coreceptor activity [GO:0015026],
C-X3-C chemokine binding [GO:0019960],
laminin binding [GO:0043236],
macromolecular complex binding [GO:0044877],
cadherin binding [GO:0045296],
metal ion binding [GO:0046872],
protein heterodimerization activity [GO:0046982],
cell adhesion molecule binding [GO:0050839],
collagen binding involved in cell-matrix adhesion [GO:0098639],
protein tyrosine kinase binding [GO:1990782],
receptor binding [GO:0005102],
collagen binding [GO:0005518],
kinase binding [GO:0019900],
protein kinase binding [GO:0019901],
protein domain specific binding [GO:0019904],
signaling receptor activity [GO:0038023],
alpha-actinin binding [GO:0051393],

Cellular Component:
ruffle [GO:0001726],
cytoplasm [GO:0005737],
plasma membrane [GO:0005886],
focal adhesion [GO:0005925],
integrin complex [GO:0008305],
external side of plasma membrane [GO:0009897],
cell surface [GO:0009986],
intercalated disc [GO:0014704],
membrane [GO:0016020],
lamellipodium [GO:0030027],
filopodium [GO:0030175],
neuromuscular junction [GO:0031594],
cleavage furrow [GO:0032154],
ruffle membrane [GO:0032587],
integrin alpha1-beta1 complex [GO:0034665],
integrin alpha2-beta1 complex [GO:0034666],
integrin alpha3-beta1 complex [GO:0034667],
integrin alpha4-beta1 complex [GO:0034668],
integrin alpha5-beta1 complex [GO:0034674],
integrin alpha7-beta1 complex [GO:0034677],
integrin alpha8-beta1 complex [GO:0034678],
integrin alpha10-beta1 complex [GO:0034680],
integrin alpha11-beta1 complex [GO:0034681],
myelin sheath abaxonal region [GO:0035748],
sarcolemma [GO:0042383],
melanosome [GO:0042470],
dendritic spine [GO:0043197],
receptor complex [GO:0043235],
membrane raft [GO:0045121],
perinuclear region of cytoplasm [GO:0048471],
recycling endosome [GO:0055037],
extracellular exosome [GO:0070062],
invadopodium membrane [GO:0071438],
glial cell projection [GO:0097386],
glutamatergic synapse [GO:0098978],
acrosomal vesicle [GO:0001669],
basement membrane [GO:0005604],
endosome [GO:0005768],
cell-cell junction [GO:0005911],
adherens junction [GO:0005912],
integral component of membrane [GO:0016021],
cell junction [GO:0030054],
hemidesmosome [GO:0030056],
cytoplasmic vesicle [GO:0031410],
integrin alpha9-beta1 complex [GO:0034679],
cell projection [GO:0042995],
synapse [GO:0045202],
postsynaptic membrane [GO:0045211],
synaptic membrane [GO:0097060],
integral component of postsynaptic membrane [GO:0099055],